VODOVA City Stadium

The stadium history is connected to the beginning of 19. century. It was established on the periphery of Kralovo pole - border part of Brno City - and Sokol festivals were taking place here. Later on other tribunes and facilities were built to the shape how we recognize it today. In past this place was home stadium for all of these football clubs: Viktorie Kralovo Pole, Moravska Slavie, Kralovopolska Brno, LeRK a FC Zeman. 1961 - 1962 - these period is considered to be the most successful years in history of the Stadium.  


In 2002 there was made general reconstruction of the football stadium. After grand opening the stadium was named Football City Stadium. Nowadays the home club is called I. Football Club Brno. The capacity of the stadium is 12 500 visitors and fits to the UEFA 2003 norms.


In 70´s multipurpose sports hall was built nearby. It was used for various cultural and social events as well. In time many other sports facilities grew up. The stadium is currently surrounded by - Outdoor ICE RING, HANDBALL GROUND, small and large halls for ball GAMES, hotel, training football ground and playground, as you can see on the picture below.